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NEWS 10th year Anniversary Post 2/4: 10 years of NEWS live DVDs 

When I was a Junior and I was the back dancer for the senpais I wanted to sing in the center of the stage, it was my dream. Now we’re able to stand on the stage by ourselves, my dream came true but there are many new things I want. A space where I can go on dreaming for all my life…to me concerts are such places.
-Kato Shigeaki


こちるこそ ありがとう!

"These tears are not of pain, but of happiness. Meeting everyone like this, this is what I could confirm: if you believe, it’s possible. Because I believed it would come true; NEWS will continue even as 4 members!”.

11th #てずてってとってNEWS ❤

11th #てずてってとってNEWS